These two are my heroes and the real founders of KissNature.

Abela had very dry skin when she was a baby, we had to go to the doctor continuously to get different creams. Not to mention the many many nappy rashes she used to get.

It was a constant struggle! I then decided to stop all the doctors creams and get some organic skincare products, it massively helped. I also refused to use wipes on her, none of them worked, so i always used warm water and cotton wool. Whilst pregnant with Albi i developed severe psoriasis, gp was happy to give me steroid creams….i hesitated and carried on suffering.

Just before i had Albi i remembered that i wanted only organic and natural products for my baby because i remembered my journey with Abela. I kept researching and had my list of go to products. I had only bought one of them as it was easy i got it at boots.

Albi was born and again his skin was so sensitive! My psoriasis got worse too, i literally used to cry every time i would breastfed him. I was itching every time he would feed, quite badly at times that my skin would bleed. Doctors prescribed my another cream, however i was warned it was not good for the baby, harmful, especially as he was being breastfed.

I remember feeling so frustrated , it took Albi a week to latch on and start breatfeeding, i could not stop now. I suffered in silence and made it my mission to start researching for natural organic products i could use that would help both of us.

Of course, i found them, there are plenty of amazing products that help heal psoriasis and ease the pain and itchiness.

The other issue i encountered was that i found that my too products i want to use for my baby, my kids and myself i had to shop to different websites and pay 3/4 deliveries to buy them.

This was more or less how KissNature was born, out of own children’s skincare needs, my own needs as a woman and mother to find that one stop shop that brings all the best products in one destination.

I promised to myself that i want to help all other mums, dads and children out there by offering to bring the best ethical products, all tested by me in house, reading through all the ingredients list and ensuring we offer true, clean and trusted products.