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The Importance of Skincare
I’m not the only one who has seen people with very clear skin, and wondered what they use for their skin right? Because I don’t want to be the weirdo who does that but moving on with the topic.
Throughout the last decade especially, skincare usage and awareness has increased. In 2018, within the UK alone had made £86.5 million, while in 2010 they made just £27.7 million. Like for real, that’s an increase of over 50 million pounds just on skin care. From 2017 to now, the importance of skincare has become one of societies “norms” – meaning one of the most required things we need to put into our daily life and honestly as we should be.
Speaking of that, I honestly never truly knew how important it was to take care of your skin, as unlike my mother, I am truly careless when it comes to most things which I will be honest used to be with my skincare.
It is very important to do even the most basic things such as:
– Wash your face every day for 60 seconds/1 minute (no more than a minute and no less than a minute)
– Moisture 2-5 minutes after you wash your face (as it gives your skin more of an exfoliating feeling as well as your face would feel a lot clearer)
– Drink up to 7-8 cups of water (it helps your skin feel more exfoliated, as well as the fact that it also improves your immune system, and it does wonders to you the more you drink it, I PROMISE YOU)
– Eat your fruit and vegetables etc.

An example of a skincare issue was one that I had recently saw on twitter, and I thought that was a perfect example as to how many the beauty industry can sometimes fool everyone, myself included with their advertising skills. So, any people know that Kylie Jenner has flawless skin, and she has her own organisation called “Kylie Skin” I believe, and she has recently went on snapchat to promote her products to market out her products such as the “Kylie Jenner Walnut Face Scrub”. This is a product that was criticized by the majority of her fanbase due to the fact that she had created false advertising within her snapchat story while using a filter.
Walnut facial products can actually cause a lot more irritation to your face and especially for people such as myself with sensitive skin, it can also cause a reaction and it would make you feel that your skin is burning, which is something that no one would want to have, and I mean EVER. There are many other products that also do false advertising when it comes to their skin products, however I am not making this blog to bash any companies as I support every single organisation that strive towards skincare as it is very important.

My Personal Opinion about the Importance of Skincare
I feel that the importance of skincare can differentiate depending on the person as some people consider it to be very important, but other people might feel that it’s not as important as other things in life.
To me as individual, I also feel that the importance of skincare has drastically changed within the last decade, as I remember when I was younger, skincare from what I’m aware of wasn’t that talked about until I was about 13-14 years old. I also believe that the importance of maintain good skin is very important. In my opinion you feel more cleansed, more exfoliated and also more confident with yourself.

Much love everyone

Ps: A favourite quote of mine

“Natural gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” – Coco Chanel

These two are my heroes and the real founders of KissNature.

Abela had very dry skin when she was a baby, we had to go to the doctor continuously to get different creams. Not to mention the many many nappy rashes she used to get.

It was a constant struggle! I then decided to stop all the doctors creams and get some organic skincare products, it massively helped. I also refused to use wipes on her, none of them worked, so i always used warm water and cotton wool. Whilst pregnant with Albi i developed severe psoriasis, gp was happy to give me steroid creams….i hesitated and carried on suffering.

Just before i had Albi i remembered that i wanted only organic and natural products for my baby because i remembered my journey with Abela. I kept researching and had my list of go to products. I had only bought one of them as it was easy i got it at boots.

Albi was born and again his skin was so sensitive! My psoriasis got worse too, i literally used to cry every time i would breastfed him. I was itching every time he would feed, quite badly at times that my skin would bleed. Doctors prescribed my another cream, however i was warned it was not good for the baby, harmful, especially as he was being breastfed.

I remember feeling so frustrated , it took Albi a week to latch on and start breatfeeding, i could not stop now. I suffered in silence and made it my mission to start researching for natural organic products i could use that would help both of us.

Of course, i found them, there are plenty of amazing products that help heal psoriasis and ease the pain and itchiness.

The other issue i encountered was that i found that my too products i want to use for my baby, my kids and myself i had to shop to different websites and pay 3/4 deliveries to buy them.

This was more or less how KissNature was born, out of own children’s skincare needs, my own needs as a woman and mother to find that one stop shop that brings all the best products in one destination.

I promised to myself that i want to help all other mums, dads and children out there by offering to bring the best ethical products, all tested by me in house, reading through all the ingredients list and ensuring we offer true, clean and trusted products.

Hi Everyone,

Some of you might have noticed that i have gone AWOL the last couple of days and i thought it is only fair that I share with you why.

Whilst a lot has happened the last couple of days, one of the main things that was very scary for me as a mum and parent to experience was when my eldest daughter who is 18 collapsed during her karate class causing her to fall flat on the floor.

Her amazing karate teacher was speaking to her as normal, instructing her and the class what to do next and the next thing he knows, in a few seconds he was talking to another student then he heard my daughter just collapse on the floor, her eyes half gone, staring at the ceiling, her body weak – but she was conscious, she was still breathing. He took her, put her in the safe position and kept calling her name, within a few seconds she responded. She was very pale, had dark circles under her eyes but could respond back. I want to emphasise that she did not faint and she was conscious the whole time – but unresponsive for a few seconds and of course she had collapsed on the floor without giving any prior indication that she was unwell.

I had travelled in the city whilst my husband had received the call from the instructor and he had picked her up after which he informed me we had to take her hospital.

I kept reading the messages where my daughter described herself as confused, not sure what has happened, she had had a happy day but was worried as she had lots of pain, felt light headed and could barely move her body and her legs.

I rushed home and those minutes on the train and the drive home felt like hours/days – it is so hard to describe what i felt but i wish there was a button i could press that would just take me to her that second!

Once I made it home, hugged her and we immediately took her to hospital.

They checked her head for injuries, did an ecg, blood tests and also offered an intravenous cannula (a technique in which a canula is placed inside a vein to provide venous access allowing samples of blood to be taken but also to administer fluids needed). And my daughter needed the fluid intake, so the a&e team did this whilst also taking 4 bottles of blood from her.

ECG and EEG came out ok, Blood tests came out ok! Thankfully of course!

The hospital said she had an ABSENT SEIZURE – i had never heard of it, hence i decided to share this with you today. These absent or petit mak seizures as they are also called at times are brief, usually last about 15 seconds and they have symptoms that are barely noticeable. Exactly what my daughter had, but she of course collapsed. Signs are:

fluttering eyelids

staring into space

appearing suddently motionless

smacking lips together etc

Adults sometimes can mistake them for their children just not listening, or misbehaving and being inattentive.

Please, always read into these signs a lot more, dont ignore them or just think the above. I have never thought that and its the first time ever this has happened to my daughter, hence why I wanted to write all this in detail for every person out there to understand.

She had recently started eating very unhealthy, take away foods, not enough enough, having fizzy drinks first thing in the morning, during the day, before bed etc. Same with energy drinks. She is always on the phone and sometimes stays on it until really late. Trust me, i have always spoken to her – argued about these things too but of course what does mum know!

Hospital has advised her that the missing nutrition with the stress of university and day to day life plus her physical activities could have taken a toll on her body and brain and therefore it tricked this seizure.

She is a bit better today and we are following up with a GP visit as further tests are needed.

Whilst i have done it and I will keep doing it, please- please, ensure your kids, teenagers understand the importance of good, healthy food – how its vital to eat the right fruits and vegetables.  (My other daughter was present when her sister collapsed as they both enjoy karate classes and she was traumatised too, we had to explain to her that her sister will be ok.)

Look out for any signs of absent seizures, dont ignore them!

Lastly, always enjoy your time with your kids as they grow up fast, you blink and they are all grown up!

I hope sharing this with you has been somewhat useful! I thought that as I had never heard of absent seizures before it would be good to share but to also stress the fact that whilst not the only factor bad eating habits can trigger specific health issues.

If you have any questions please email me