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How it all began?

Here we are, it’s the end of another year.
Who would have thought…it has gone so quick it feels unreal.

I wanted to close 2018 with my first blog!

Firstly I wanted to first take you through the journey of destination KissNature. The idea initially started around December 2017 due to my own encounter of different skin issues during my third pregnancy. I recalled that years ago my second daughter used to have very sensitive skin and I used to buy only organic products for her, therefore, I decided that I was going to buy only organic and natural skincare products to help me remedy my skin care problems but also for my son who was due very soon.

This prompted me to start researching quickly to find organic skin care for both me and my baby.

Whilst I found some really good products out there I struggled to find one website that offered natural and organic products for me and for my baby all in one place. And this is how KissNature was born.

I wanted to create a chemical free and ethical platform for the best organic and natural products and brands, a true one stop shop where all the family could buy these ethical products from some of the best brands out there.

All products are hand picked and tested by us beforehand. KissNature collaborates only with brands that are passionate about their products and offer a true chemical free solution.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!